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Relationship Model


Relationships with Children

  • Children are respected and their voice heard in matters that concern them

  • All programs are child-centred and provide agency for children

  • Social and emotional learning is our focus

  • Intentionality in relationships

  • A Neurosequential model of healthy brain building

  • Caring for the heads hearts and bodies of children

Field Officers/
Educational Leadership

  • Leading best practice in Family Day Care through educational leadership  

  • Family advice/ support/ referrals: Inclusion Support, Transition to School, Play sessions, Events  

  • Professional development plan: co support educators

  • Programming and documentation support: individual support out of work hours if required

  • Co-support educator relationships with children  

  • Co-support educators to develop sustainable environments 

  • Community links: event calendar

  • Manage and lead communication strategies with educators: email blasts, face to face monthly visits, quarterly newsletter, website, marketing material, social media

  • Manage and promote scheme resources: Invitation to Play boxes

  • Develop and manage orientation and enrolment processes for educators and families


  • Family support and advice

  • Educator orientation to business systems

  • Business support for educators

  • Weekly processing

  • Enrolment processes to support educators

  • Marketing support

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