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Who we are?

At We Belong Family Day Care, we believe that play is the foundation and natural right of all children. We believe education and care of children should encapsulate the ‘head, heart and hand’. 


Our directors

KBCC PTY LTD was formed by Kerry and Beverley in 2006. Since our founding, we have strived to create quality services for the children's service sector, whether that be through professional development workshops or our family daycare. Our mission statement is ‘Creating a Sense of Community’ and we have been working hard to meet that goal ever since.

  • We value collaborative practices, which is why we work closely with families and educators to develop strong positive relationships

  • It is our belief that children deserve to be heard and listened to

  • Our mission is to treat every child and family with respect, dignity, and a strong sense of community so they feel connected, safe, and empowered


Field officers

Educators and families can count on us as field officers for support and advice in ensuring that every child is well cared for and has an enjoyable learning experience.

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